Report Studio FAQs

How are reports accessed through your platform?

Flite reporting is a web-based platform which can be accessed across all browsers.

What types of reports do you offer?

Flite users have access to a Dashboard, Real-time metrics at the Ad and Campaign view, Detailed Interaction metrics, Pacing reports, and Creative Variant analysis.

When is your data available to report on data from the previous day?

Previous days data is available at:

  • 7 AM ET
  • 6 AM CT
  • 4 AM PT

How are users able to export data from your platform?

Users are able to export to Excel or CSV.

  • Excel is only available on the Measure page of Design Studio. The Excel report is a formatted report for a single ad that included in-depth interaction level metrics.

  • CSV is available in the Design and Report Studio. The CSV report is a raw data export of all the Flite basic metrics which you can find in the Help Center.

Do you have an API for metrics?

Yes we have a robust reporting API. Details on how to use the API can be found here.

What types of metrics do you offer?

Flite offers basic metrics such as Impressions, Interactions, Engagements, Clickthroughs, and Time on Unit. For a more comprehensive list of metrics go to the Help Center.

Do you support video metrics as well?

Yes. Flite has standard in-banner video metrics and supports the latest VAST metrics.

What capability does the user have to customize reports?

Flite’s Report Dashboard provides the ability for users to customize their dashboards with widgets based on reporting needs. Additionally we offer custom reports based on user request.

Flite is releasing a Report Builder at the end of Q2 for beta to select clients that will empower end users to build dynamic and flexible reports that meet their analytical needs. Please contact your Account Manager or Flite Support for further inquiry.

What type of creative testing do you support?

Flite supports both A / B and multi-variate testing. Users can analyze their performance with the Creative Variant report we offer in Report Studio.

What type of metric optimizations do you support?

Flite optimizes in real-time and those changes will be reflected upon the next impression. The key metrics that we focus on are Engagement Rate, Clickthrough Rate, and Average Time on Unit. Additionally Flite provides users to setup optimization parameters as seen below:

  • Frequency to optimize
  • Minimum Impression delivery %
  • Impression threshold
  • Sample Size (Impression / Set)

Does your platform integrate with DCM (DoubleClick Manager)? If yes, how?

Yes - Flite has an integration with DCM through our Campaign Studio ad tags. Within the ad tags there is a macro that DCM populates with the following IDs:

  • Advertiser
  • Campaign
  • Site
  • Placement
  • Creative
  • Key-value pairs

Flite reporting leverages these macros to connect DCM and Flite metrics for a holistic view of campaign performance.

Does your platform offer conversion tracking or integration with external analytic platforms?

No - we do not offer that today, but we are actively looking to provide an internal solution or integrating with an external analytics platform.

Report Studio FAQs