Creating a Report

Create a Report via the Make New Item Menu

  • Under the Make New Item dropdown, there are several options to choose from. To create a new report select Report in the menu. This will open up Report Studio.
  • Now that you are in Report Studio, an overlay appears prompting you to choose a folder to create a report on. Navigate through Items in the overlay to select a folder. Upon selecting a folder the visuals and tables will populate.

All reports are based on a single folder.

Folders can contain a single ad, multiple ads, a single ad mix, or multiple ad mixes.

Create a Report Using a Standard Folder

  • On the left hand sidebar of the Console you will find the folder structure created by your organization.
  • When you hover over a folder, the gear menu appears. Click on the dropdown to create a new report for that folder.

Create Report from a Search Folder

  • Similar to using a Standard folder, you can easily create a new report using a Search folder. Search folders can be found under Items on the left sidebar of the Console.
  • Search folders have a different icon: a blue folder with a magnifying glass.

Create a Report Using the Collections Panel

  • This icon: opens the Collections panel. It can be found under your username in the top right corner of the Console.
  • This icon allows you to add items into the Collection panel. When hovering over an item such as an ad in the Console, this icon will appear to the left of an ad.
  • In the screenshot above, you will see the Collections panel containing 3 ads that were added in from the list on the left. By clicking on the Choose dropdown menu you can select New Report with Items. The Collections panel is a great way to create an ad hoc report across many folders.

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Creating a Report