Converting Flash to HTML5

Swiffy HTML5 Converter


Many browsers have begun identifying “non-essential Flash" which will essentially block Flash ads from rendering. The solution is to convert your Flash ads to HTML5. The Design Studio now supports importing ads that have been transformed from Flash to HTML5 using Google’s Swiffy tool. Swiffy allows translation of SWF files used in Flash ads into HTML5 ads.


In Swiffy, a user must transform a SWF file into HTML5 which will yield a web page. A user must then view the source of this page and copy the contents of the page’s source code into the Flite Swiffy component.

Within the Swiffy Component Inspector Panel, a user will find a Settings section. Within the text box labelled Swiffy Output, a user must cut and paste the source code from the Swiffy page.

For questions, please reach out to your account manager or Flite support.

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Converting Flash to HTML5