Console Overview

Account Badge Menu

When you sign into your Flite account, you will see this menu in the upper right corner of many screens including the Flite Console, Design Studio, Campaign Studio, Report Studio, and your account page. The menu displays your username and contains some basic information and functionality that you may want to access from the various Flite pages.

Once you click the menu, the first thing you see is your name, your organization's name, and (if applicable) the name of the context you are in. Below that are several menu options you can choose.

Current Org: Switch to other organizations if you are part of their external team.

Account Settings: Switch to the Your Account page, where you can view and edit your profile information.

Privacy: Read Flite's official Privacy Policy Statement, which talks about how Flite collects and uses the information you provide to us.

Help Center: Open the Flite Help Center. If you have any questions about the Flite platform, tools or services, this is a great resource. Browse the knowledgebase or submit a support ticket.

Log Out: Log out of your Flite account.

Console Sidebar

The Sidebar allows you to navigate the console, create new items, manage users and teams, and collaborate with other organizations.

The following functionality is available in the sidebar:

  • Context selector: At the very top of the sidebar, you will see the name of your organization. If you are a member of any external teams, you will also see a drop down menu that allows you to switch contexts to another organization.
  • Make New Item menu: Use this menu to create new ads and folders. If you have a developer account you will be able to create components here as well.
  • Items section: Manage your items and folders.
  • Resources section (admin only): Manage your creative resources, including components, ad templates, and starter ads.
  • Teams section (admin only): Manage users and teams.
  • External Teams section (admin only): Manage collaboration with teams from other organizations.

Console Listings

When you click on any of the selections under the Sidebar’s Items section, you will see a corresponding list of items. A number of useful things are listed for each item:

  • Name: The name and thumbnail of this item. Click the item name or thumbnail to open it. This will open the item in Design Studio if you have the permissions to edit it, and open the item’s homepage if you do not. You will find a few other things under the Name column:
  • : Appears when you mouse over the item. Click to launch the version history of this item.
  • : Appears when you mouse over the item. Click to launch a lightbox with a preview of this item.
  • (only when viewing folders): Appears when you mouse over the item. Click to remove the item from this folder.
  • Folder Labels: The names of all the folders that the item belongs to are listed next to the item. Click the folder label to see an item listing for that folder. Click the X next to the folder label to remove the item from that folder.
  • Type: The type of item this is. An item can be an HTML5 Ad, a Template, Component (developers only), Asset, Campaign, or Report.
  • Last Updated: The date and time when this item was last saved.
  • Owned By: The name and icon of the user who owns this item.
  • Activity: A small graphic of the recent impressions for this item. Click the graphic to open the Reports for this item.

When you are viewing the contents of a folder, you will also see a Permissions button at the top. Click this to see the Permissions view and change the permissions for this folder.

Finally, you can move items to a folder by dragging and dropping. Mouse over the item’s name until your cursor turns into a hand and then drag-and-drop the item into the desired folder under the Items section in the Sidebar.

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Console Overview