Making New Items

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The Flite Console is your launching pad for creating new items like ads and components. Once an item is created, it will appear in the Console’s items list, allowing you to organize them into folders, and permission them as needed. We go over the following workflows here:

Making a New Ad

To create a new ad in Design Studio, follow the steps outlined below. We assume you already have a Flite account and access to the Console.

Make New Ad dialog

Make New Ad dialog

  • In the upper left corner of your Flite console, expand the Make New Item menu and choose HTML5 Ad.
  • Click the template you want to use as a starting point for your ad (e.g. Ad Products, Formats, Starter Ads, Rising Stars, Your Templates, etc.)
  • Select the ad size or format.
  • Click Choose. Design Studio will load with your new ad in it.

You have just created a brand new ad. Refer to the Design Studio documentation for more on ad editing, publishing, and reporting.

Making an Ad Template

How to Make an Ad Template

  1. To save an ad as a template, click the Commands menu in the top right of the Design Studio.
  1. We'll make a copy of your original ad and open the ad template within the Design Studio.
  2. Publish your template and it will then be ready for use by you but not shared to your organization.

How to Manage Your Templates

  1. To make a template available in your Make New Ad dialog, select Resources > Ad Templates in the Console.
  1. Select the templates you'd like to include in the Your Templates section of the Make New Ad dialog.
  2. Click Apply Changes to save your changes.
  3. Select Permissions to make templates available to other members of your organization.

Making New Items