Publisher-Side File Hosting


Publisher-hosted FIF files enable additional behaviors on a Flite ad. Publishers must host a pub-side file in the following situations:

  • When running ads with any expand/collapse behavior with the Universal Frame tag;
  • When running ads with any expand/collapse behavior using a Universal JavaScript tag that is sitting inside an externally-sourced iframe on the publisher page.
  • When running ads that are view-triggered.

Expand/collapse behavior includes expandables, lightboxes, pushdowns, IAB Sliders and Sidekicks, as well as ads that have the ability close themselves (e.g. IAB Billboard format ads).

Hosting a FIF file

In order to host a pub-side file, please do the following:

  1. Point your browser to
  2. View the page source, and cut-and-paste the source HTML in its entirety into a file. Please do this, rather than using your browser’s Save functionality.
  3. Save the file as fif.html.


Please do not modify the pub-side file code. We do not support any modifications or additions to this file. Changing the pub-side file code may cause your ad to not work properly.

  1. Place the file on the domain where the ad will run. The file can be placed anywhere in the domain's directory structure, but we recommend using http://{your domain}/flite/fif.html, so that you can easily identify this as Flite's pub-side file.
  2. Send the URL where you placed the file to
  3. Await our response, notifying you that we have mapped the file in our system.

Once you complete these steps and receive our response, you will be able to run ads on the domain where the pub-side file is hosted.


The new pub-side file is fully backwards compatible. Ads running with legacy ad tags will continue to work with the new pub-side file.

Publisher-Side File Hosting